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Case Decoration Cover Decoration

Just as there are many different types of tablets, smartphones and laptops available on the market today, there are many different ways to protect mobile devices and computers. Not only are there dozens of different types of cases available, but there are also a multitude of case decoration and cover decoration options offered to brand cases for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

At Custom Logo Cases, we make it easy to narrow down the available case and cover decoration options, so that you can find the perfect solution for your marketing needs, your school, your company or your store as quickly as possible. On this page, you'll find links to collections of all of our cover and case decoration options for convenient shopping.

- Printed Cases. Printed cases and covers feature artwork or logos that are produced using computer printing systems and ink. This type of cover and case decoration can be used to produce logos or artwork on any part of a case or cover in full color.

- Logo Cases. Logo cases and covers are emblazoned with the emblem, insignia or logo that is the official mark of a company, school, store or organization. The logo can be printed, embossed or engraved.

- Embossed Cases. Embossed cases and covers are stamped, leaving behind an imprint of a logo, emblem or insignia. The finished result with this cover and case decoration is subtle and gives the case a professional look.

- Promotional Cases. Promotional cases and covers are made specifically to be distributed to promote a company, product or service. This may be done with a printed, embossed or engraved logo, emblem or insignia or with full color printed artwork.

- Engraved Cases. Engraved cases and covers are made out of a hard material like wood or bamboo. The case or cover decoration that is added is produced with a powerful laser. Logos, emblems, insignia and artwork can all be featured on engraved cases. The artwork can be highly detailed due to the precision of the laser.

- Branded Cases. Branded cases and covers bear a symbol of a brand that is printed, embossed or engraved. This type of cover and case decoration is used for promotional purposes, retail sales and for identifying company or school owned property.

Keep in mind that all of these case and cover decoration options are offered at no additional charge when you purchase the minimum order requirement for any of our cases and covers. Logo design, artwork graphic design and logo and artwork optimization are also free services, so you can be certain that your finished cases or covers will look great no matter which cover or case decoration you choose.

To see what types of tablet, computer and phone cases are available with any one type of cover or case decoration, simply click on the "Shop Now" link. You'll be directed to a page that showcases all of the products that can be customized with that type of case or cover decoration. For assistance shopping, answers to questions or pricing information, feel free to contact us.



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